1. $469.50 in 1967 had the same buying power as $3,325.73 in 2014.

  2. $469.50 in 1967 had the same buying power as $3,325.73 in 2014.

  3. $349.50 in 1967 had the same buying power as $2,475.70 in 2014.


  4. $449.50 in 1967 had the same buying power as $3,184.06 in 2014.

    Still, $3184.06 for a brand new 2.8 F sounds good to me.

  5. My Rolleiflex 2.8 F model with a custom 5x bronica chimney finder.  As you guys may know the Rollei chimney finder is extremely rare for TLRs.

    I love the waist level finder. It’s light weight and the 3.5X magnification let’s one see the complete image area. I need a 1.5+ diopters for the waist level and before Rolleiflex.us, diopters were impossible to find.  All of the chimney finders seem to have adjustable diopter strengths built in.

    On the downside, the Bronica Chimney is a bit heavy, but it’s much better quality( build and optics) than any of the Hasselblad chimneys I’ve  used. Believe it or not, Bronica made very good gear!

    I used the bottom of an old Rolleiflex prism that was badly separated for the adapter. The bronica 5x chimey sits in there perfectly, but because of this strong magnification crops into the top of the image. I don’t know exactly how much, but at it’s closest focus distance it’s about the same as the paralax compensation markers under the screen.  

    This finder and my Hasselbald with baierfoto adapter are going on ebay this week because I’ve since been able to find the exact diopters I need.

    One of the great things about the chimneys is that they flag more light when using the on a sunny day and it’s helps keep dust off your expensive Maxwell focus screen.

  6. Rolleicord Va transport, counter removed

  7. So you are looking for good  replacement leather for your Rollei? Don’t order microtools.com morocco leather. This is what they sent— Cheap scraps from an upholstery project. The total was $28! It’s too fine grained to match any Rollei. There is a nickle in center for size. The shipping and customer service were excellent, but this leather is crap. 

  8. Rolleiflex focus cam and axle exchange.

  9. plastic mallet and orangewood stick

  10. The controls were completely locked up, and the damage was severe.  It took hours to pound out the panel with a small plastic mallet and an orangewood stick. All the hardware was removed beforehand. It’s not pretty, but it works fine. I have a new bare F panel coming in and I may install this at a later date.