1. So you are looking for good  replacement leather for your Rollei? Don’t order microtools.com morocco leather. This is what they sent— Cheap scraps from an upholstery project. The total was $28! It’s too fine grained to match any Rollei. There is a nickle in center for size. The shipping and customer service were excellent, but this leather is crap. 

  2. Rolleiflex focus cam and axle exchange.

  3. plastic mallet and orangewood stick

  4. The controls were completely locked up, and the damage was severe.  It took hours to pound out the panel with a small plastic mallet and an orangewood stick. All the hardware was removed beforehand. It’s not pretty, but it works fine. I have a new bare F panel coming in and I may install this at a later date.

  5. The long axle on the gx with T panel. I had to redrill and shape panel to fit. (Photo before drilling) I did make a knob cover that fit the spanner bit, but one of the cams was hitting the side rails so I needed to take the whole thing apart anyway.

  6. Inside the Gx model.

     Replacement parts for this camera are nearly impossible to source. This camera had severe impact damage so I had to completely dissemble it. One of the cams was hitting the side of the focus rail and this prevented full movements. I still needed a new focus knob and the one on the GX is really long so that it can accommodate the battery

    After waiting weeks to hear back from my parts guys and Rollei DHW/ US Rollei, I decided to install a smaller axle and focus cams from an F model (LOTS OF WORK, BUT IT FITS!!). I used the focus panel/ knob and parts from a Rolleiflex T. The T has built in infinity stops that the other models with the DOF indicator lacked. The smaller axle was compatible with the T’s lower profile knob and parts. The new focus knob works perfectly. In my opinion, it looks much better the the longer plastic knob that the GX comes with. I’ll post more photos of the modifications in the coming weeks.

    The camera was missing the circuit board for the meter so I removed all of the remaining electronics. I still kept the hot shoe and pc connections intact.

  7. naked rollei

  8. It looks like someone actually used this white face model to take photos! 

    Bert Stern’s Rollei: http://www.nytimes.com/news/the-lives-they-lived/2013/12/21/bert-stern/

  9. Cord 3 kit, very clean. 

  10.  Rolleimarin underwater enclosure for rolleiflex TLR. Photo by: Jack C. Sofield